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Euro Camp Facts

September 14, 2016

1. The flight will be longer than you think, and you will most likely get little to no sleep




2. You'll spend the whole first day trying to keep your eyes open and feeling like garbage



3. You'll get excited to be training at a big biathlon venue, even if you've been there before


4. So much delicious food, plus fizzy water is the norm



5. The Euro bed...get ready to get close to your roomie



6. Usually there will be slow internet, and you may still need to pay for it


7. People watch the German National Team train....I repeat...TRAIN!


8. Cows everywhere



9. Castles are also the norm



10. You better know how to drive stick


11. Skiing in the summertime is a thing, with the help of a ski hall



12. There are fans asking for autographs, photos, and giving you gifts...and we're not even at a World Cup, we're just at German Biathlon Nationals



13. You'll find biathlon specific adidas wear at the local store



14. You'll know how to say "Hello/Thanks/Cheers" in several languages


7 countries, 8 people! (Finland, Czech, Italy, Germany, Canada, USA, and Sweden)


15. After three great weeks, you'll be ready to get back home


For more photos, check out my Facebook page. Now I'll be training in Lake Placid for most of the fall, until our next set of World Cup team trials in October!


Currently listening to: Bonfire ft. ALMA by Felix Jaehn


- MP


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