• Maddie Phaneuf

IBU Cups 6-7

I last left this blog with a post about the IBU Cup season through the end of January. When I came home for a two week break I spent time training with NYSEF, spending time with my boyfriend, family, and friends, and doing "normal people" things (like grocery shopping, cooking, plant shopping, etc.) It was a much needed break for me, and I'm really happy I did it! Here are some photos from my time in Lake Placid between IBU Cup 5 and 6.

Buying new plant babies...

Greenhouses are my happy place

Finally got to see my article on Protect Our Winters in person in the LocalADK magazine!

Nordic skied up the Whiteface Toll Road with Kaileigh, Elizabeth, and pups

Skiing at Mt. Van Hoevenberg - soaking in the sun

Downhill skiing with Devon and Gretchen at Whiteface - look at those mountains and those colors!

Come early February, after two weeks at home, it was time to return to the race circuit. I flew back over to Europe and joined my teammates in Italy for IBU Cups 6-7. We were supposed to start in Germany, but due to lack of snow they moved the races to Italy and we spent two weeks there. It was nice to not have to move after one week of racing, and get used to a venue, but it's sad that this winter has seen warm weather and lack of snow in a lot of places.

Martell, Italy is one of my favorite places to race. The venue is tucked away in these beautiful mountains, there's a river flowing through the venue, and it's typically very sunny. I was excited to get back to racing!

Training at the venue, repping POW on my rifle now!

A short walk from our hotel is this little bridge, I'd walk here almost every day

View from our hotel sauna...

On the sunny range

The World Cup team was in Martell during the first week, along with many other World Cup teams, because they were training leading up to World Championships and we weren't supposed to be there (as previously stated) we all got together and had a bowling night!

The races in Martell went fairly well for me. We had many different formats of racing over the two weeks we were here. I raced a Sprint, Mass Start 60, Super Sprint, another Sprint, and then a Pursuit. The first Sprint didn't go amazing, I ended up missing 2 and placed 57th - but it wasn't horrible and I knew I could improve the shooting over the next races. Results can be found here. This result qualified me for the Mass Start 60, which is one of my favorite races! The Mass Start went really well for me. Although I didn't feel super quick on my skis, I did a good job in the range shooting 1,1,1,0 which moved me up to a 32nd place, right behind my teammate Kelsey! Full results can be found here.

Smiley, glittery girls after the Mass Start

After a few days of rest and recovery, we had our next set of races. The first one would be the Super Sprint. I didn't have great luck in this race, shooting 0+1, 3+1 (meaning I cleaned my prone with one spare round, and then had 3 penalty loops with one spare round in standing). The race started out strong, I felt fast on the skis and prone was good, but for some reason I missed 4 off the magazine in standing (which is out of character for me) and ended with 3 penalty loops. It was a bummer, but I was proud of myself for fighting on the skis till the very end. I placed 66th, which did not qualify me for the Super Sprint Final. Full results can be found here.

The next race was a normal Sprint, and I had a great race! Although I woke up with a scratchy throat and felt a little run down on the skis, my shooting was solid (1,0) and it put me in 27th - a great position for the Pursuit the following day! I was so happy, as this was one of my best results of the season. Results here.

Racing to 27th in the Sprint

Photo by Detlef Eckert

The Pursuit was another solid race for me. Again, not feeling great due to sickness, but still managing to hang on to skiers around me. I shot fast and well in the range, 1,0,0,1 which would move me up little by little each stage. By the final loop I was racing for a top-20 finish! I didn't manage to hang onto 20th, but landed in 21st just one second away. Results here. I was really happy with how I finished the weekend, especially with my shooting!

After these races in Italy I met up with my boyfriend and his family in Cortina, Italy for a little ski vacation! I'll get into that more in a different blog post though - so check back in a few days.

Recovery ski smiles with my teammate Kelsey (right) and my friend Sophia from Germany (left)

Post race glittery selfie with our Swiss friend Flurina