• Maddie Phaneuf

Fall Update

Wow, September flew by! Honestly, I feel like a lot of my blog posts tend to start with something along the lines of how quickly time has flown. Does this keep happening the older you get? Time just seems to be go by quicker and quicker? Lucky for me, I'm so ready for winter, so these next two months can go by fast and I won't mind.

My last update was right after the first set of World Cup trials in Jericho, VT at the end of August. Since then, I've mostly been training in Lake Placid, but there's been a few other fun things thrown in there as well!

Following trials, I drove down to the Outer Banks in North Carolina to meet up with my family for a much needed beach vacation. I was so excited to have a week to just - C H I L L - It was nice to catch up with my family, relax on the beach, and drink a cold one by the pool. It was exactly what I needed after a race weekend in order to recharge my batteries both physically and mentally. I came back to the Adirondacks refreshed and ready for the next training block!

A very relaxed Maddie

The fam! (minus a few)

Basically what every morning of the week consisted of...

The past month of training consisted of the usual: lots of hiking, mountain biking, rollerskiing, and shooting. Again, I won't get into the mundane details of these excursions, so enjoy some photos! (After uploading these photos, I'm reminded that I live in a pretty incredible place. I'm so so so grateful for this place!)

Hiking Jay Mountain, it was a beautiful ridge hike with a great view of Whiteface Mountain (centered in the distance)

Resting at the top of Balanced Boulders, soaking it all in

At the top of Hurricane Mountain, I love all the shades of blue in this photo

Proof that we use the weight room! This is how Nina and I chose to rest in between our max-pull ups

Post strength breakfast date!

Trucks, bikes, and Khala Co. - what more does a girl need?

Enjoying the views with Kaileigh and Kaya!

This is what skiers look like when they get to rollerski on FRESH PAVEMENT!

Happy to be able to ride the mountain bike trails with my mom during Old Forge's Mountain Bike Festival!

Go check out Lost Nation R&D

Besides training this past month, I had the opportunity to join Protect Our Winters on a mini New England POW tour! I was asked to speak at three different POW events, so I figured, why not sharpen up my public speaking skills (and also, I love POW and will always be willing to help them). Our first stop was at Burton's headquarters in Burlington, Vermont. I met up with a few POW staff and a handful of other professional athletes and business leaders to talk about how to turn your passion into purpose. This was a POW Athlete/Ambassador Training day (maybe not that exact wording, but you get the gist) - where POW staff explained exactly what POW is and what they do, I talked about my first hand experience with climate change and how to tell your story in order to get people excited about voting and helping fight the fight, and then we had the wonderful Dr. Liz Burakowski talk to us about the science behind climate change. It was a great group of people, and a relaxed way to start the weekend of public speaking.

The Burton headquarters was a super neat place, I liked it a lot

Public speaking, yay!

Photo by Dean Blotto

The POW crew at the end of the day

Photo by Dean Blotto

The next morning we drove from Burlington to Freeport, Maine for our next POW event - a volunteer training day at the Maine Beer Company. It was a much bigger group than the one in Burlington, with about 30-50 people. The Maine Beer Company was such a cool place to hold this event, and they had delicious beer and pizza for us. I did the same presentation, talking about turning your passion into purpose and answering questions about biathlon and climate change. It was a great day, and inspiring to see so many people passionate about getting involved with Protect Our Winters and climate action!

Photo by Chris Bennett

Lindsey Halvorson telling us all the facts and stats!

Photo by Chris Bennett

The crew at the Volunteer Training day! Thank you all for coming out and learning about POW!

Photo by Chris Bennett

Jake Black enjoying the ocean view, we were lucky to have an afternoon to explore Kittery, Maine - so we had to get our feet in the ocean!

Our final day of the tour was at the University of New Hampshire, with the Ski and Board Club. I presented the same presentation, about turning your passion into purpose, and by this point the public speaking was a breeze! This group had the most fun questions at the end, including "How do you stop on your rollerskis?" "Wait, you don't fly overseas with your rifle, do you?!" and "How fast do you ski during a race?" The college kids were awesome, and I had so much fun presenting to them. Thanks to everybody that came out, and the UNHSBC! Unfortunately I didn't snag and photos during that event, but we had about 20-30 attendees!

I'm currently in my final week of training before flying out to Utah for the last set of World Cup/IBU Cup Trials. Last week was full of intensity, and this week is a mix of intensity and volume, where I'll be hitting about 18 hours of training (my second highest week of the year!) We had a Time Trial this afternoon and I felt strong and smooth on the skis, and shot 2,0,0,0, (PPSS) - so I'm getting excited to race in a few weeks! My next update will be after the races at the end of October, so stay tuned until then. For race updates, check back here or on my Facebook page. The races are on the 24th, 26th, and 27th (I think). Thanks for all of the support!

Sunrise in the Adirondacks!