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Little Update

Hey everyone, long time no see! I figured it's been long enough, and I've done enough interesting things for a semi-interesting blog post. So here we go...

Since my last update, I've been staying fit by running, hiking, mountain biking, nordic skiing, downhill skiing, rock climbing, strength, and yoga! I've enjoyed having more freedom with my workouts, and have already raced my first race of the new season!

I've been attending this pottery class for the past 6 weeks and have loved it! My instructor, Joy, is so patient and great at teaching. We spent the first 4 weeks creating cups/vases, and are spending the last 4 weeks creating bowls. I have three pieces that are totally done (see below) - and will be finishing the rest of my pieces tonight and next Monday! It was so fun to be creating things with my own hands, I haven't done anything like this since high school art class. If you live near Boulder and are intersted in taking a class, check out Tinker Art Studio.

I've been doing a lot more downhill skiing this winter than I have in the past, which has been fun. I've never skied more than two days in a row, and let me tell you, I never realized how taxing downhill skiing is on your body until now! Wow! I was destroyed after four days of skiing fresh snow in Steamboat over Thanksgiving. It was so much fun, but SO hard on your legs. It was exhausting. Fun, but exhausting.

I'm clearly very good at this, right?

Don't worry, I've stil been doing plenty of nordic skiing. The snow up high is great, and the skiing has been nice so far this season! We went out skiing in late October and early November before any nordic trails were really "open", and then I went up to Eldora on opening day!

Yesterday I went up to Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, CO for a biathlon race held by the Colorado Biathlon Club. At first I was going to race the Women's 7.5 km, but then everyone convinced me to jump into the Men's 10 km Sprint - which was a first for me! I was so excited putting my race suit on, and shooting my rifle for the first time since September. I felt no pressure or stress, and got to the start line with a smile on my face. This was probably one of the first times I've felt genuinely happy to race in a long time.

Happy Maddie!

It felt so good to be pushing myself again! The altitude hurt, but in a good way. It still felt natural on the range for me, missing one in prone and cleaning my standing quickly! I was just so happy to be doing what I love doing again. After the race I went for a long cool down, and was joyfully exhausted. My goal for this winter is to continue finding this feeling at every race I do.

Shoutout to everybody at the Colorado Biathlon Club for being so welcoming and friendly, you guys are amazing! Thanks to the volunteers at the race. And thank you to Karen and Bill for hosting me in their beautiful home in Winter Park.

Finally, I have made another new plot twist on my future plans. Being away from biathlon has made me realize how much I appreciate the sport and how much I really love it. I miss it so much and can't wait to get back to training full-time. Unfortunately, Boulder isn't really the best place to train for biathlon, so I'm planning on moving back to Lake Placid, NY at the end of the winter so I can settle into a new apartment/house and get fired up for spring training! If you have any leads on apartments/housing or need a roommate, please contact me! I've found it really hard to find housing in Lake Placid so far, so any help is much appreciated!

I think living in Boulder has been good for me to explore new life opportunities and live in a new environment for a bit, but the East is where my heart is and I miss it every day. I'm really excited to get back to the Adirondacks and prepare for the 2019/2020 season!

I don't know if you've all been keeping up with US Biathlon this winter, but our ladies have been crushing it! I'm so excited to see what else this season has in store for them, and the men too! I've noticed I can stil watch race replays and interviews via Eurovision, but my family also purchased the Snow Pass via NBC Sports Gold if you wanted to watch live races.

Anway, that's my life update for now! I'll be heading East from December 23 - January 4, so if you'll be in Old Forge/Lake Placid area, let's hang out!

Happy Holidays!

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