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Road Trip!

For those who don't know...I made the trip out West! I drove from Old Forge, NY to Boulder, CO last week with my mom - and it took a total of three days and about 2,000 miles of driving! I figured I would share our journey, and what I've been up to since being in Boulder.

Day 1: Old Forge, New York to Oxford, Ohio

10 hours and 30 minute drive (675 miles/1,086 kilometers)

My mom and I with my fully packed car - saying goodbye to Old Forge!

Not much room for any more things!

There was an adorable puppy, Sully, waiting for us at our friends (The Bartel's) house.

Forgot to grab a photo with the whole family, but here's one with me and Lawrence before Day 2 of driving began! If you're reading this, thanks again for hosting us!

Day 2: Oxford, Ohio to Kansas City, Missouri

9 hour drive (584 miles/940 kilometers)

The view leaving Ohio in the early morning.

There was no state line sign when we crossed into Indiana (because we were staying right on the border in the countryside) - but we snagged a photo of the Illinois sign!

Home of our second stop, Kansas City!

Went for a nice walk when we arrived in Kansas City, and came across this unique book store!

Found an old telephone in the bookstore, had to try it out.

Had to eat some BBQ while in Kansas City! (They're famous for it)

Our cozy Air BNB that we stayed at! It was exactly what we needed - and had SO much artwork to look at. Highly recommend. Let me know if you're swinging through Kansas City and I'll give you the details.

Day 3: Kansas City, Missouri to Boulder, Colorado

8 hours and 45 minute drive (621 miles/1,000 kilometers)

Crossed into Kansas one block from our Air BNB!


Sorry I didn't take many photos during the last day of driving, we were in Kansas for most of the drive and honestly there wasn't much to see! We were pretty ready to be done driving, so we were excited to finally make it to Colorado. When we arrived, we unpacked the car and headed directly to the farmers market for dinner and a nice walk.

The following day, my mom and I decided to drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park early in the morning to beat the crowds (and the heat) for a nice hike. The sky was blue and the sun was shining - it was a perfect day to be out hiking! After the hike, we headed to Estes Park to grab a coffee and walk around for the full tourist experience.

Hiking into Emerald Lake, here is Nymph Lake.

We also hiked around Bear Lake.

Happy hikers at Emerald Lake!

Had to bring one of my favorite trailside snacks! Thanks Honey Stinger!

The next day, my mom and I decided to hike again in the morning - could you tell we were sick of being in a car and happy to finally get to walk around?! This time we stuck around Boulder and hiked the Royal Arch. It was a lot steeper of a hike than the previous day, and we were both feeling the altitude. It was tough, but rewarding! Then, in the afternoon, we headed to Celestial Seasonings for a tour of the factory. Did you know their tea is only made it Boulder? It smelled amazing as soon as you walked in the front door. The tour was awesome, and free, so if you're ever in Boulder I definitely recommend checking it out. Unfortunately we couldn't take any photos during the tour, but I snagged some in the tea tasting room. After the tour, we headed to Pearl Street to walk around the shops and grab dinner.

We weren't sure if we would, but we made it to the summit! You can sort of see the Royal Arch above my mom.

Royal Arch selfie!

The Celestial Seasoning's Sleepytime Bear greeted us.

My mom and Dustin enjoying the tea tasting room.

On the final full day, Dustin gave my mom and I a tour of the CU Boulder Campus. One of the fun features was a lego replica of the campus in Old Main (the oldest building on campus). I didn't take many photos because I've been on the campus several times, sorry! After the tour, we headed into town for the Boulder Creek Hometown Festival! It was basically just a ton of arts and craft vendors, along with live music and a food/beer garden. There was also a section for kids that was filled with amusement park rides. It was super fun, and a great way to say goodbye to the summer!

Part of the lego exhibit.

Dustin and I with the CU Buff!

After dropping my mom off at the airport the following day, I decided to hop on my road bike and explore the area. I found a reservoir not too far from my house! Unfortunately it's private (I think) so I can't swim there. I'm more settled into my house, which is a nice feeling. I went mountain biking with Dustin yesterday for Labor Day, and then we cooked up a nice feast! Today I went for a classic rollerski and run, and will go for another rollerski this afternoon.

View of the resevoir from my bike.

Our delicious Labor Day dinner.

View from my morning run, after rollerskiing!

So far I'm enjoying Boulder and can't wait to get more used to the area. Next week I'll be heading out to Utah though for a two week training camp with my teammates Joanne Reid and Kelly Kjorlien. So I'll talk to you all after that! Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!

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