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July Update

Hey everyone! Sorry for such a late blog post, but my website has been having issues and I wasn't sure if a new blog would go through. Basically, Wix isn't letting me make any new changes to my website due to some technical issues on their end. This has been going on for a few weeks now, so I'm hoping it gets resolved soon!

Before I dive in, I just want to thank a handful of my newest (and returning) sponsors for this season! Since I haven't been able to update my Sponsors page on my website, I'd love to give them a shoutout on here until I can fix my site. So...HUGE thanks to the following businesses for their love and support, and for believing in me. DiOrio's Supermarket, Ozzie's Coffee Bar, Fulton Chain Craft Brewery, Joanne Maly - Barneveld Physical Therapy, and last but not least, the TOW Bar Inn! Seriously, thank you so much, if it weren't for you I wouldn't be able to continue with biathlon. For all you Old Forge locals reading this, be sure to support these local businesses!

July went by so fast for me! The beginning was spent surviving the heat wave of the East Coast with family and friends. Then I spent about two weeks in Lake Placid at our second training camp of the summer, and after that I spent a week out in Boulder, Colorado exploring my new home! (I've moved into my very first rental, and will be trekking my car and the rest of my belongings out at the end of August!) I've got plenty of photos, so enjoy!

I got to spend the 4th of July at home this year, which was nice. It was SO hot the whole week, so I tried to do my workouts really early in the morning when it was cooler, and then spent the middle of the day either sitting in our cold basement or sitting out in the lake.

Staying cool on one of my off days

My families set-up during one of the hottest days of the week - submerging the Adirondack chairs into the lake to cool off!

Fourth of July sunset before the firework show

Was happy to get the chance to catch up with Geneva and Laurie Humbert! I used to babysit Geneva back in the day, and Laurie (1994 Winter Olympian) loaned me her biathlon rifle when I first started!

By the second week of July we had our second training camp of the season. This was a fun camp because the US Ski Team was also in town, and we got to join training sessions occasionally throughout the week! This camp had a lot of training hours, and a lot of intensity, so many days consisted of ice bathing, foam rolling, massages, and Norma Tec recovery pants. We had a time trial in the middle of the camp, and I was very happy with how I was feeling on the skis. It was one of the best feelings I've had while racing in the past few years - so that was a positive indicator on how the training is going this season!

Four different National Teams - all training together (US Biathlon, US Ski Team, USA Nordic Combined, and German Ski Team)

Fun to try and keep up with skiers who classic ski more than just once every few weeks ;)

Always working on the shooting position

Hard intervals in the heat - but the view is pretty nice

We finished the training camp off with a nice long hike. Most of the ladies and I decided to head up Dix Mountain (one of the Adirondack's 46 High Peaks), and boy was it beautiful up there! The temperature wasn't too hot, the sun was shining, and we could see all the way to Vermont!

Hiking up to Dix

At the top with the ladies - Susan Dunklee, Emily Dreissigacker, Lucy Hochshartner, and Deedra Irwin

All smiles at the summit!

Leaving the summit - you can see the Great Range in the distance with Mount Marcy (the tallest peak in New York) to the far left

After the camp ended, I headed back home for another hard training week. We had another time trial scheduled, so I actually went back to Lake Placid so I could do it on the rollerski loop with Clare Egan and Nina Armstrong. I felt a little more tired than the previous time trial, but that is to be expected at the end of a hard training block. I was super excited with my shooting - 0,0,0,2 - and my ski speed wasn't much slower than I anticipated considering I was a bit tired. Clare, Erik Lewish, and I then went on a nice rainy hike the following day...not much views as you can (or really can't) see!

I made my way home after our hike in order to make a special appearance at the local brewery in Old Forge - the Fulton Chain Craft Brewery! We set up a guest bartending night and whatever tips we made, they would match in order to help me with my training and travel funds! It was such a fun night, I got to catch up with so many locals and meet even more people I've never met before. I enjoyed being able to share my story in such a fun environment. Justin and Rich (the founders) were so amazing to work with. If you're ever in Old Forge, be sure to stop by the FCC Brewery and grab a drink!

They had my flag hanging up!

I've been on a few brewery tours of bigger companies, so it was cool to see how a small craft brewery runs.

Had so much fun behind the bar with Justin and Rich! Thanks again!!

And finally, we're now at the end of July/early August of this update. I most recently took a quick trip out to Boulder, Colorado in order to...MOVE! For those who don't know, I will officially be moving out West. I flew out to help my boyfriend move out of his current apartment and into our new house, while I'll be making the official trek that way at the end of the month. I'm so excited to be renting my first place and have a new place to train. There will be a ton of exploring to do while I settle into my new home, so if anybody has any suggestions of places to hike or things to see out near Boulder, Colorado - please send me a message!

Hiking along in Rocky Mountain National Park

Enjoying that fresh mountain air

Emerald Lake as beautiful as ever!

Also hiked along a different trail to check out some waterfalls

After we finally moved into the new place, we went for a celebratory hike/run from our front door to the top of Bear Peak! A bit hazy from the wildfires West of us, but still beautiful.

I am back on the East Coast now, and will be heading up to Lake Placid tomorrow for our third training camp of the summer! This next weekend we have Summer Nationals in Jericho, VT - where the races also count towards our World Cup and IBU Cup Trials. Following those races we'll head to Craftsbury, VT for a weeklong training camp, and then my family and I will be heading down to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for VACATION!! I am so excited for our beach vacation, and I think it will be perfect timing after these next two weeks of hard training/racing. And finally, after my vacation I'll be packing up my car and driving to Colorado! I'll try to make another update after these next two weeks, but until then, enjoy August!

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