• Maddie Phaneuf

Holiday break and IBU Cup prep

Since I last updated you all, I have officially been named to the team racing at IBU Cups #4 and #5 in Slovakia and Germany! These races are also being used as the final phase of Olympic qualification. There are 4 races, and they will take your best 2 results out of 4. I need to be one of the top two women in order to be guaranteed a spot on the Olympic Team, but if I fall into third I would be named as the alternate. Being the alternate is better than not going at all, but you're not guaranteed to actually race at the Olympics. The alternate goes to the Olympics, but is used only if somebody on the team gets sick or injured.

I'm excited to get such an incredible opportunity, competing for a spot on my first Olympic Team is unbelievable. My younger self never thought I would be in this position today. I'll update you all along the way, and check back here around the 11th or 12th of January to see if I've made the Team or not!

Racing in the Mass Start at IBU Cup Trials

After the IBU Cup Trials, I traveled back East and spent some time with my boyfriend and his family for some pre-Christmas celebrations. The mini trip was spent skiing, decorating cookies, watching Christmas movies, playing board games, and just relaxing! I was happy to be able to make the trip up to Maine, even if it was a short. After celebrating Christmas morning with them, I drove back to Old Forge to spend the rest of my holiday break with my family. They were nice enough to wait for me to get home that night to open any of their presents, so I got to have Christmas round two at 9pm!

Skiing with Dustin on the trails he built

Puzzle time at the Phaneuf house

Polar Bear for life!

It dumped about two feet of snow at home and then the temperatures dropped to below zero for the rest of the week, so it truly felt like we were in a snow-globe! I got to go skiing every day, help my mom out with the Polar Bear Nordic kids, hang out with my niece, enjoy home cooked meals and some puppy time.

Skiing at home

All-in-all the holiday break was just what I needed. Time away from stressful racing, delicious meals, and family time. Now I'm back in Lake Placid for just a couple days before I travel over to Europe tomorrow! I can't believe it's already the last day of 2017, but I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for me.

The face of skiing below zero!

Happy New Year everybody!

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