• Maddie Phaneuf

On snow and racing

I have been seriously lagging when it comes to blogging these days, my priorities are clearly elsewhere. I figured I should give you all a little update though, since my season started a few weeks ago!

My last update ended with an on-snow camp up in Quebec, Canada. After that little adventure, I hopped on plane and found myself in Boulder, Colorado once again! I spent about a week there relaxing and celebrating an early Thanksgiving before my on-snow camp in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

The Thanksgiving crew: Dustin, Austin, Pippa, and I

Colorado was a blast, and I can't wait to go back. This was one of my first times actually cooking a Thanksgiving dinner without the help of parents or coaches, so it was pretty exciting.

Canmore was up and down. I started the trip out with a cold that I tried to kick, but it turned into a sinus infection and I had to get put onto antibiotics. Luckily I felt a lot better by the mid-end of the camp and got some solid training sessions in. This was one of the warmest weather experiences I've ever had in Canmore, along with the least amount of snow I've seen (besides being there in the summer). By the very last few days of the camp was when it was getting cold enough for them to blow snow and open more trails up.

Lack of snow downtown...but still great views!

We found natural snow up at Lake Louise, about an hour north

The end of the camp. Blue skies, perfectly groomed tracks, and tons of snowmaking machines blowing!

After spending almost three weeks in Canmore we boarded a flight and were on our way to Minnesota for IBU Cup Trials. Just a quick trip here, with four races in five days. So far we've completed three of those, with our final race tomorrow morning!

Flying to Minnesota

The racing has gone pretty well so far, starting out strong with a win for the first 7.5 km Sprint. Full results can be found here. The following races I felt a bit more tired on the skis, and the shooting wasn't as perfect as the first day, so I found myself in 3rd and 2nd. Full results can be found here for the Sprint..and here for the Mass Start. (Sorry for the lack of racing photos...will post on Facebook later this week when I get them!)

Our final race is another 7.5 km Sprint. I'm happy to have gotten some solid races in this week! These results will name the IBU Cup Team for IBU Cup 4 and 5 in early January. The team naming will take place later this week, and I'll be sure to update you all! In the meantime, you can follow my Facebook page and Instagram account for more recent updates.

Photo by Gregory Haugen

For now, I will be traveling to Maine and New York to spend the holidays with my boyfriend and my family. It will be nice to relax for a quick minute before getting back into training and racing!

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