• Maddie Phaneuf

World Cup Trials: Round 1

I almost forgot how humid the East can be! One of the first days back from training out West, I was about 5 minutes into my workout and was already drenched in sweat. Lovely...

As you all know, US Biathlon usually has their first set of World Cup Team Trials in the middle of August. The second set of races will be in October, and they'll choose a team for an on-snow camp out in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. The World Cup Team will then be named after that on-snow camp. So, we just completed the first set of races last week!

The training leading up to the races was tough, my body felt sluggish after coming back down from being at high altitude. I was definitely worried that I wouldn't feel fast during the races. Luckily, after a few more intensity sessions I felt more like myself.

Hiking Mount Mansfield with Deedra and Jennie

Getting STRONG!!

First of all, I'd like to give a huge thank you to Jennie Bender and her parents for letting me crash at their beautiful rental house! It makes the trip to Jericho so much more relaxing. Their "treehouse" is a super unique house in the woods of Vermont, about a 45 minute drive from the venue. If you're looking for a cute place to stay, definitely check it out here. (Follow them on Instagram: @vermonttreehouse)

Not a photo of the treehouse, but of a hike that's real close!

The weekend of racing went pretty well. I felt great on the skis during the Sprint, but the shooting wasn't the best (1,2). Luckily that was a good percentage for the day, and I found myself in 4th place! I was happy with the start of the weekend, and excited for the Mass Start knowing that the shooting tends to be my strong point. The next day for the Mass Start I felt completely opposite of how I felt the day before. My legs felt heavy and I just felt slow. Thankfully, I relied on my shooting skills and only missed 2 shots for the day (1,1,0,0). I was so excited to clean my standing stages, and my overall shooting time was the second fastest (behind Susan)! I found myself sitting in 4th place again. Full results from both races can be found here, and here.

Photo by John Lazenby

Happy to be done with the weekend!

After the stressful weekend of racing, I was excited to have a week of relaxation and recovery. My boyfriend visited and I got to show him my hometown, which was fun! We spent the days hiking, canoeing, hanging out with my brothers dog, and exploring the local water park. After spending time in Old Forge, we headed over to Albany to visit with two of our very good friends Austin and Ben. It was so fun to spend time with a few of my best friends before coming back to Lake Placid for another solid block of training.

Hanging out with Dax by the Moose River

Dustin and I at the top of Bald Mountain in Old Forge

I'll be in Lake Placid for the next month or so. Most of my teammates are heading out to Germany for a camp, but Clare, Lowell, and I will be staying in the States. I'm getting ready for the temperatures to start dropping and the leaves to start changing. Only a few more weeks!

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