• Maddie Phaneuf

Spring Shenanigans

And in a blink of an eye, April has come and gone and we're gearing up for the new training season! As many of you know, April is the biathlete's vacation month. I spent the first part of April out in Montana, then went down to Pennsylvania to help my dad out with the Loggers' Expo, and the last part of the month was spent at home in the Adirondacks!

Photos from my time in Montana: Skiing a TON, climbing a bit, and visiting many breweries with my friend Jessie.

At the Loggers' Expo I had many jobs, including marking up the exhibitors spaces, helping exhibitors unload/load their trucks by driving a forklift, and welcoming visitors to the expo. It was a blast as always!

The last bit of the month I went back home to Old Forge and did another "Hot Planet Cool Athletes" climate change presentation at the Inlet Common School, which went very well. Then later in the week I traveled up to Lake Placid to give another climate presentation! I kept the ball rolling and teamed up with Andy Newell to represent Protect Our Winters at the People's Climate March (sister march) in Montpelier, Vermont. It was a great day and I was really happy to have been a part of it! Bernie Sanders made an appearance too, which was amazing.

And finally, this past weekend I celebrated my 22nd birthday! I spent the weekend up at St. Lawrence University hanging out with some friends, which was super fun. Then I had a family birthday dinner filled with bacon, french toast, eggs, and a chocolate lava cake! We were all stuffed and in food comas by the end of it.

The last thing I'm excited to share with you all is that I have new "Maddie' Phan Club" t-shirts for sale!! I know many of you loved the last ones Nip Rogers whipped up for me, and I worked with him on making me another "Olympic Season" design. You can buy them at this link until June 1st! Every dollar will go towards my biathlon career. If you don't have Facebook and would like to order one, please contact me. Thanks in advance for your support!

Now it's back to work. I arrived to Lake Placid this evening and will officially begin training tomorrow with the team. I've been training for the last week, but not super structured with a coach at each session. I'm excited to see my teammates and get the season rolling!