• Maddie Phaneuf

South Korean Adventures

Traveling to South Korea was a crazy experience. I'm so grateful I was able to be a part of the trip and check out the future 2018 Winter Olympics venue! It's hard to put the whole experience into words...but I made a list, threw some photos together, and took a couple of videos!

Things I can check off the bucket list after this trip:

- Traveled to Asia

- Been 14 hours ahead of the U.S.

- Raced at 9 pm

- Spoke Korean (can say "Hello" and "Thank you")

- Was 30 minutes away from the North Korean border

- Stayed up until 3 am on a regular basis

- Slept in until 12 pm on a regular basis

- Ate white rice at almost every meal for a week

We had to store our rifles in these little lockers whenever we weren't shooting them at the range

The "dry fire" room...since we couldn't have our rifles at the hotel, we had to come to the venue to do our dryfiring

If you want to watch a preview of the PyeongChang biathlon course, and a "behind the scenes" look...check out the videos I made below!

The other thing that I found really interesting was the food my teammates and I found. The culture here is so different than anywhere else I've ever been. Check out the different food items and in the caption I'll explain what each one is!

*Note: Just because I have a photo of the food/drink DOES NOT mean I ate or drank it*

Never actually found out what this is..bread maybe?

Carbonated peach flavored wine


Some delicious noodle soup, pretty spicy, and the dark stuff is seaweed!

Dried fish in a bag

This looks familiar...waffles for breakfast!

One giant sushi

Yogurt Jello...this seemed to be really popular here in Korea

The travel day leaving South Korea was pretty hectic and about 24 hours long. We left our hotel in PyeongChang at 3 in the morning, and arrived to the airport in Seoul at 5:45 am. We had our duffel bags with us, but our ski bags and rifle cases were meeting us at the airport from the organizing committee. We got our ski bags around 6:30, and then hung out in line with Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan until 8 am when the check-in counter opened. We then spent about an hour checking in our bags. We had to transport our ski bags to oversize luggage, and then we were stuck with our rifles.

This is when things got confusing...nobody was really sure where we were supposed to take the rifles, but eventually we were in line behind Norway at a security line. They ended up having each of us open our cases to check the serial numbers of our rifles, and then we could go through security. This whole process was about an hour I would say. We eventually got on our flight, but then had to sit there for 2 hours waiting for the rifles to actually get scanned and put on the plane! It was absurd. This caused my connection in Helsinki to be 25 minutes rather than 2.5 hours...and therefore my bags didn't make it to Estonia when I did.

Waiting in line with all of our rifles...

I am currently in Otepää, Estonia for the final IBU Cup of the season...with no clothes, no skis, and no rifle. The first race is tomorrow, and I'll be racing the Single Mixed Relay with Russell Currier (if I ever get my bags). They should be arriving at my hotel within the my fingers are crossed! Until then, I hope everybody is enjoying their March so far, and I will update you on how the final international races of my season went next week!

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