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Summertime sickness

As the title suggests...I'm sick again! Well, I'm actually finally feeling a lot better, but at the beginning of the week that was not the case. I woke up to a slight sore throat, which turned into my tonsils looking huge with spots. It was painful to swallow any food and talk. I tested negative for strep throat and mono, but my doctor decided to put me on antibiotics for strep anyway. The antibiotics are working well and I'm finally feeling healthier. So, this week has consisted of 3 hours of training, with many sick days. I'm hoping this is the final sickness of the summer for me!

The doc prescribed hiking, as you can see, I was really happy to finally be exercising again

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Earlier this month, before I was sick, we celebrated the Fourth of July at my teammate Clare and Erik's apartment. It's location is perfect for the fireworks, right on Mirror Lake! It was a fun evening with a bunch of my teammates.

Erik admiring the view from his deck

That following week was a high volume week of training for me...just meaning that there were many hours (21) with most of the workouts being in level 1 (low heart rate/easy-ish). Clare and I were the only women here, so we did most of our training together, which was nice! One day we went on a bike-hike-bike workout, where we biked about an hour to Ampersand Mountain, hiked the mountain which took about 2 hours, and then biked back to Lake Placid. It was a little over 4 hours and was so much fun!

Clare at the top of Ampersand

Many people were enjoying the views at the top

We did another hike at the end of the week, that wasn't nearly as beautiful...but I would love to go back and do this hike again when it's nice out! This is Big Slide Mountain, and it took us just over 3 hours to hike. I recommend this hike for all abilities, it was a fun hike and only gets pretty steep for the last pitch before the summit. I've heard the views are incredible...but clearly we didn't get much of that.

Erik, Clare, Hallie, and Joanne at the top of Big Slide

The most exciting thing that has happened this week would have to be that I'm finally mobile! I'm leasing a car with the help of my parents...I'm so excited! Having a car is so helpful, and now I won't have to make my parents drive a total of 4 hours whenever I want to come home.

With my new car! It's a Honda Fit

One more exciting thing is that I found out I will be joining the rest of the A Team in Europe this summer! There is a 3 week training camp happening in Germany starting the last week of August. I'm happy to be invited and can't wait to check out Europe in the summertime.

For now, I'm in Lake Placid recovering from my sickness. The next thing on my schedule is the North American Biathlon Rollerski Championships in Jericho, VT, which are the 12th-14th of August. I'm sure we'll head over a bit earlier for a training camp before the races. Until then, happy summer and stay healthy!

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