• Maddie Phaneuf

Getting into the swing of things

It's been about 4 weeks since training has begun, but it feels like just a few days. As a biathlete, the beginning of the training season starts out with a lot of slow fire shooting drills (only shooting, no exercise involved) along with "easy" workouts. We're just getting into the swing of things, our muscles are shocked at the first couple of weight room sessions, but we're mostly excited to see what this season brings.

I'm so happy to welcome a few new sponsors to my team. I love having local sponsors supporting my biathlon career, as it constantly reminds me of home during each training session. Special thanks to Mountainman, Giant, Blizzard, Adirondack Homes & Real Estate, Adirondack Accents, and Finn Sisu! Check out the full list of sponsors and supporters, by clicking on the "Sponsors" tab above. Without their support I wouldn't be able to train efficiently to reach my thank you!

Last week was a Development Team camp, which went really well. It was great to hang out and train with teammates that I haven't seen since March. Now I'm currently in the middle of my recovery week, which just means that you're giving your body time to recover from the previous heavy load of training so that you can train efficiently next week. We usually have a recovery week once every 3-4 weeks. This weekend I'll be heading over to Rutland, VT to hang out with my good friend and teammate Chloe Levins. I'm excited to visit my friend and relax in the Green Mountains!

I hope everybody has a great Memorial Day weekend, and check back again later in June for another post!

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