• Maddie Phaneuf

Change is good

If you're reading this, you have successfully discovered my new website and blog! Earlier this spring I had decided I wanted to create more of a website, rather than just having the blog. I liked this setup a lot better, and I hope it works well for all of you too! If you have any suggestions, shoot me a message in the "Contact" tab.

I don't have too much to update you all on. Most of my spring has consisted of creating this website and searching for sponsors for my upcoming season. I have been working a little bit while home, and will be heading back up to Lake Placid at the beginning of May.



Next week I will be turning 21, which is a big deal in the U.S. because that means I can finally purchase and drink alcohol legally. We're way behind the times of you Europeans! I will also be heading down to the D.C. area to visit my extended family and celebrate my cousins bridal shower. So those are the two things I'm most excited about currently!

I have also recently invested in some athlete cards, which is basically just a postcard of a photo of me racing, with my name on it. If anybody would like a signed athlete card, send me a S.A.S.E. (self addressed, stamped envelope)...or just a stamp, because the postcards are kind of large and won't fit normal sized envelopes. Click on the "Contact" tab for my mailing address!

That's all folks! Stay posted for a "Training" blog post in May.

OH, one more thing...I've just decided, at the end of every blog post I'll put what song I'm currently listening to while writing. I tend to listen to music during ~85% of the day, so now you'll get a taste of what I like and learn something new about me that's not related to biathlon. The songs can vary, because I like a lot of different genres and artists. Enjoy!

Currently listening to: Out of Sorts by Atta Boy

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