Invisible Battles

Note: this post is about my own personal experience with mental health and therapy. I am in no way a health professional, if you need help, seek it from a professional. Before shit hit the fan... When I meet a new person, the first thing they typically ask is “What do you do?” I never thought this question would cause so much anxiety for me, but it did. You see, my answer is usually along the lines of “I’m a professional athlete” which then jumps into the question “Did you go to the Olympics?” Most people see this as a simple and exciting question to ask an athlete, and why shouldn’t it be? The problem was, for me, that it was a really hard one to answer and deal with. My experience with th

New Year's Day (in a biathlete's world)

The new training season has officially begun (yesterday)! As a winter athlete, we do all of our training during the spring/summer/fall. We typically only get April off to go on vacation...but obviously I've had way more than just a month off. Seven to be exact. Day two of being back into full-time training, and my legs are already destroyed. I'm just telling myself that the first week will be the hardest and it will only get better from here...we'll see! First hike of the new year! On my way to the summit of Cascade looking towards the Great Range with some frosty trees in the foreground. Yesterday, I headed up to Lake Placid to look at a house. For those who don't follow me on Facebook and



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