October 17th

I’m not sure how many of you out there keep a journal, but I like to try and write down my thoughts daily. In reality, I’m lucky if I remember to write in it once a week! Anyway, I was looking through my past entries tonight and came across an entry from exactly a year ago. It was scary how much I could still relate to what I wrote then. The entry was a handwritten blog post I was planning on publishing, but I ended up wimping out because I was afraid it was too personal. I think the fact that I found this entry one year later is a sign that I need to put it out into the world. So, without further ado… October 17th, 2016 A lot of the time I end up writing my blog posts for the viewers, like

What biathlon has taught me...

...besides the whole skiing and shooting part. Navigational skills are very useful in a foreign country This used to intimidate me so much that I would feel sick with anxiety the entire 24 hours leading up to my travel day. Now I can breeze through with no stress. Luckily I discovered that most airports have english subtitles on their signs, but I've also learned some important lessons the hard way. One thing to keep in mind if you're traveling through Germany with a rifle, you must have the original German rifle paperwork (not a copy). If you don't have this, you ain't going nowhere, seriously. You should also learn a few key phrases in the foreign language before you travel. Google transla



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