Getting back into it

Well, the training season is back in full-swing here in Lake Placid! I've hiked, biked, roller-skied, lifted weights, shot many bullets, and have even done some hard intervals. Everything you need to build a biathlete! Unfortunately I have already gotten sick this spring, but am currently on the upswing and feeling much better. Also, huge shoutout to a few sponsors that have decided to continue to support me this season: Blizzard MFG, Adirondack Accents, and Adirondack Homes & Real Estate. Interested in becoming a sponsor or supporter? Click here. Thank you! Here are some photos from my training sessions so far! (Click on the photo for description) I'm super excited for the summer, I just bo

Spring Shenanigans

And in a blink of an eye, April has come and gone and we're gearing up for the new training season! As many of you know, April is the biathlete's vacation month. I spent the first part of April out in Montana, then went down to Pennsylvania to help my dad out with the Loggers' Expo, and the last part of the month was spent at home in the Adirondacks! Photos from my time in Montana: Skiing a TON, climbing a bit, and visiting many breweries with my friend Jessie. At the Loggers' Expo I had many jobs, including marking up the exhibitors spaces, helping exhibitors unload/load their trucks by driving a forklift, and welcoming visitors to the expo. It was a blast as always! The last bit of the mon



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