Let it go

As the title suggests, and if you read my last post, I didn’t have the best racing experience last weekend for the opening World Cup team trials. I came into the weekend feeling prepared and ready to attack…but I came out feeling disappointed, angry at myself, and just plain sad. So, how do you get over the bad races and what can you learn from these experiences? I had to reference Frozen at least once... I’ve been told by teammates and coaches that I’m resilient. I’m pretty good at letting things go and not holding onto the bad races for longer than needed. This is a great skill to have, especially when you’re a biathlete or a skier. If you’re only focusing on the bad performances and the m

Racing recap

Racing in the summer? Yup. We just had our first set of World Cup team trials, also known as our US Biathlon Rollerski Nationals. They are held in Jericho, VT and the weather tends to be hot and humid...this year did not disappoint. Before I get into the races, here are some highlights of this past month of training. We had some Swedish biathletes (Maja and Emma) visiting for a week, and it was fun to make new friends and train with them! Below, we hiked Big Slide Mountain one afternoon. I had my first rollerski crash of the season...that's not always a fun thing to do, but it healed quickly! My teammates Susan, Clare, and I helped our former teammate Annelies with her "Girls Group" one even



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